PLC SCADA Automation System Integrator
About us..

GVAutomation is mainly dedicated to the developing of software concerning with automation systems - PLC and SCADA/HMI.

We provide technical consultancy for the on-site commissioning and starting-up of the equipments for automatic plants.

Our leading customers are enterprises involved with automating industrial projects and process control.

Our objective is to reach industrial automation enterprises which, due to different causes or reasons, may be lacking the appropriate internal human resources, or may be in need of increasing their own productive capacity.

Our programmers are mainly software, electric and electronic engineers. All of are experienced in the commissioning, starting up, and developing automatic plants.

Our engineers are permanently acquainted with the state-of-the art regarding the relevant technology in our field.

We are ready and willing to complete or complement your automation department for some months, even at your very own place. We are also able to develop the whole project with our engineers and your process experts.

Our team perform all over the world and offers maximum flexibility and availability to work abroad at competitive prices.




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